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The KHRESTYK collection is inspired by the oldest type of embroidery popular all over the world.

The main "characters" of our embroidery on ceramics, glass and fabric are Slavic pagan gods.

Mokosh is the ancestral goddess, mother, fortune teller, assistant to women in crafts (primarily spinning and weaving) and during childbirth.
Yarilo. For the Slavs, he embodied the awakening of Nature, the male spring force, the arrival of spring, and was highly revered by farmers who considered him their patron saint.

A glass made of blown glass with a naive ball on the stem is suitable for any festive drink, as well as for water. Very roomy and due to its transparency, it is ideal for any interior.

The glass is made of blown glass. Handmade.

Height: 10 cm

Diameter: 8 cm

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