Blossom Coupe, Set of 2

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The BARTA x YAKUSH Blossom Coupe is a collaboration between YAKUSH and Barta Design, a creative association of bartenders who create professional craft tableware and barware.

The bowl is handmade from blown glass by Ukrainian craftsmen using bright patterns that symbolize a blooming meadow. The shape of the bowl resembles the classic vintage champagne glass "Marie Antoinette's Breast". The stem is also entirely handmade from brass by a jeweler who works on BARTA.DESIGN tableware and is covered with nickel-plated silver (EPNS Electroplated nickel silver), which creates a protective layer and an aesthetic, vintage look.

It is ideal for sweet&sour cocktails, champagne and sparkling wine.

BARTA x YAKUSH Blossom Coupe is a symbol of the intertwining of modern style and vintage luxury.


Material: Blown glass, brass with nickel-plated silver plating

Size: height 22 cm, diameter 10.5 cm

Volume: 300 ml